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This page provides quick access to the annotated barley genome hosted in Ensembl Plants.

The current genome release is version IBSC_1.0, released in March 2012 (Nature 479, 711-716). This assembly is called a "Gene-Ome" to emphasize the point that it differs from a more traditional assembly in several ways. The contigs in this assembly are not scaffolded in the traditional sense. Instead, contigs have been anchored to the genome using multiple lines of evidence, including alignment of a FPC physical map, identification of genetic markers, and syntenic stratification. Contig anchoring was subsequently refined using marker data generated by population sequencing. Full details of the assembly process are given in Nature 479, 711-716, details on the population sequencing refinements in The Plant Journal 76(4), 718-727 and a summary is provided in Ensembl Plants.

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