Other databases

Data repositories and browsers

The Barley Gene-ome at Ensembl Plants

The Barley Gene-ome and annotations presented in the Ensembl browser. See below for sample entry points.


MIPS Barley Genome Database

Barley sequence and annotation from the Munich Information Center for Protein Sequence.


The Barley SNP Database and Germinate iSelect

Collection of Barley SNPs at the James Hutton Institute.


The HarvEST EST database: web version or standalone browser The HarvEST EST collection at UC Riverside.

 BLAST servers

BLAST at Ensembl

BLAST nucleotide or peptide sequences against the Morex genome assembly and annotated genes.


BLAST at IPK Gatersleben

BLAST against several databases including Morex, Barke, and Bowman contigs, BAC-end sequences, genes, and more.



The HarvEST BLAST server at UC Riverside, BLAST against Barley BACs and the HarvEST EST collection.